James Paul Castle or Jim was born in Norfolk, he grew up surrounded by woodlands and had a early connection to the outside and pulls of the seasons. Jim and his family later moved further North and nearer the coast when he was a teenanger. Jim’s interest in making grew as he did, however he didn’t go into any formal training until 2010 when he returned to collage at the age of 25 and then went on to study Sculpture and Farnham Universtity of the Arts, Surrey (Now UCCA). During this time and with the help of very practical tutors, most notable Ian Middleton, ┬áJim interest which began as woodcarving developed into metal and stone. With the help of South African Artist Vincent Jacks, Jim developed a strong resonance with stone carving. He also began training in Bronze casting.


Followmg his graduation from University Jim then trained for a further 2 years as a stone mason, working on many projects. Most stone masonary projects were around churches and inspired Jim with array of stunning architectural piece he contributed and was trained to make.

After relocating from Surry back to North Norfolk Jim then developed his other major interest- bronze casting.